The crack team of Best PR http://www.bestprboutique.com/ and designer Apartment 4 have gone and done it. Together, they have magically transformed the humble gifting suite into a completely captivating experience. A simple four wall space on the sixth floor of the CBC building has somehow transformed into the experience of being in a Canadian cabin in the woods, fireplace included. The place even manages to smell Canadian, appropriate, since the lounge is scented with Smells Like Canada candles, in this case, the fresh scent of Toronto Smoke, (sorry, Fraser Valley Wood and Saskatoon Wheat).


And what would a good #MadeinCanada Lounge for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight be without hockey? Fortunately, the Lounge features licensed sticks from each team, (I was told that the Ottawa Senators stick, strangely missing, was on its way. Perhaps the pièce de résistance is the TIFF 13 jersey, adorned in the style of the Toronto Maple Le… Les Canadiens de Montréal, remember, Strombo is a Habs fan, remember? This serves as a reminder that though the lounge is decked out to resemble Canada, that Canada is not Toronto. Even better is the sticks lining the centre  will signed by celebrities and auctioned off for charity. That’s a hat trick in my book.


As always, the #MadeinCanada lounge features only the finest Canadian products, and Canadian products only. The earrings given to visitors of the lounge are by Toronto based designer Jenny Bird, http://jenny-bird.com/ who is truly local. Neal Brothers Foods nealbrothersfoods.com have been around since 1988, but recently launched Kettle chips in the truly Canadian flavour, maple bacon. And let me attest to the awesomeness that is Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers dillons.ca Unfiltered Gin 22 is a fine sipping drink, and the White Rye both tastes and smells delicious. Interestingly, the company is based out of Beamsville. Niagara is clearly for more than just wine.


Though I could not wrest the line-up for the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight TIFF line-up, I was informed that certain TV turned movie stars will be dropping by the lounge. So if you happen to pass a particularly Canadian smelling American during the Festival, you can guess that the star, though born in America, was just #MadeinCanada


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