TIFF13: The Bibliophile

Answer: The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Cloud Atlas. The Silver Linings Playbook. John Dies in the End.

Question: What were memorable movies that premiered at TIFF in 2012?

Well, that’s only partially true.

Question: What were memorable movies that premiered at TIFF in 2012 that were based on books, some of which received great, or greater exposure after the festival?

Now we’re talking.

For TIFF 2013, I have take this plan even further. I read the above three books in the month and a half before I saw the movies at TIFF, (okay, I read John Dies in the End immediately afterwards). Reading the books prior to seeing the movies helped me achieve new perspective on the films.

For the record: Perks – enjoyed the book and the movie very much. Having the author direct his own story was certainly unique. SLP – great book, possibly even better movie, though the movie added to the book in many ways. Cloud Atlas – wonderful book, bit of a disaster of a movie. They said that the book was unfilmable. They might have been right. JDitE. Had its moments, until I realized afterwards that all of these moments were done in the book, and done better.

So that brings me to this year’s TIFF. Disregarding the book Reclaiming History, upon which the movie Parkland is based, (sorry, but the more than 1600 pages might not leave me much time for anything else), and possibly Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, (as I fear that the story may change between now and when Long Walk to Freedom is shown), I am going to attempt to read every book upon which a TIFF13 movie is based, and provide a short reflection in this space. I will then watch each movie, and provide a synopsis of whether or not the transition was successful.

Wish me luck! I will need it, because I might be the guy in line at a TIFF screening that is frantically flipping through pages to finish the source material in time to see the film 🙂



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