Can you be more Pacific?

Here I thought that only the summer movie season contained sequels.

Tom Drury’s novel Pacific features characters from a novel written twenty years earlier, The End of Vandalism, which I have not read. So Pacific is my starting point, and my end point.

And I really liked it.

What happens in Pacific? Very little of anything. There’s some crime. Some unrequited love. The song “Fake Empire” by The National is featured prominently. Despite this book being called Pacific, much of the action takes place in Stone Rock, Minnesota.

That’s about it.

Oh, and I really liked the character of fourteen-year-old Micah Darling. Unfortunately, the “action” jumps around to feature his estranged father, his sister Lyris, some others. No matter. When we get back to Micah, it’s like reuniting with an old, young friend.

This book is definitely on the spare side. No gun battles, no epic blow-outs, no broad comedy. Definitely not a summer blockbuster sequel.

But I enjoyed it anyway. Definitely a book that can  drift by, and paced quite lazily. It may not be Pacifically for you, but it fit my Pacific needs.


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